Seaweed can build bentgrass

Seaweed can build bentgrass Bentgrass root development grew in faster and stronger with seaweed extract, says Will Neily, Acadian Agritech researcher. According to Neily, a pair of experiments were conducted under greenhouse conditions at the Dr. James S. Craigie Research Center in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. “We examined the effects of the addition of Acadian seaweed extract on root establishment of bentgrass (cv....

John Deere Introduces “Quick adjust” Reels

John Deere Introduces “Quick adjust” Reels These cutting units’ Speed Link systems will change adjusting height of cut from a task that used to take a wrench, scraped knuckles, and a chunk of time out of your day, into a painless, super-fast operation with a power drill.     Here’s how:   A spring-loaded rod ties both ends of the roller together, so you can perfectly adjust both sides of the reel from one...

Golf Course Management System

Golf Course Management System FCSI has developed a golf course management system (GCMS) built using GIS technology. It is designed to reduce course maintenance costs and assist in the tracking and planning of course maintenance expenses. You can also automatically prepare regulatory reports (water usage, pesticide usage, etc.) which can be time consuming. How many times do you hear from the club management: “Where...

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