John Deere Introduces “Quick adjust” Reels

John Deere Introduces “Quick adjust” Reels

These cutting units’ Speed Link systems will change adjusting height of cut from a task that used to take a wrench, scraped knuckles, and a chunk of time out of your day, into a painless, super-fast operation with a power drill.



Here’s how:


  • A spring-loaded rod ties both ends of the roller together, so you can perfectly adjust both sides of the reel from one side.
  • A worm gear translates multiple revolutions into precise increments, so a power drill can be used in place of physically turning a wrench.
  • The worm-gear also locks in the height-of-cut, so it can’t shake loose.

Saves time out on the fairways and greens too.

Not only do these cutting units get your whole fleet cutting sooner (plus free up the shop technician), they include other advantages:


  • The bedknife-to-reel adjustment is so simple, it can be done on the course.
  • No tools are required to engage/disengage available greens and fairway tender conditioners.

Read more at John Deere’s website by clicking HERE


or check out this video from GCSAA.TV

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